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High Definition High Drama High Durability

Start with the detail, the appearance of depth and texture, the flow of color, the play of light and shadow. Twenty-first century science and design have come together to create totally new laminate surfaces that challenge easy description or comparison.

WilsonartHD High Definition Laminate is all about drama and surprise -- deep, luxurious looks that intrique the eye and invite the fingertips, delighting you from the first moment, pleasing you every day, and stopping your guests in their tracks.

Drawing on technologies first developed for laminate flooring, WilsonartHD High Definition Laminate delivers three times the wear-resistance of the industry standard. It's the performance you've come to expect from laminate, dramatically multiplied.

Warm to the touch,
with designs and textures unavailable in other luxury materials, WilsonartHD is a welcome alternative; there is simply no other surface like it. And one more dramatic surprise -- WilsonartHD is a surprising value when compared to other luxury surfaces. In fact, this may be the most affordable luxury you'll ever make your own.

Luxury Made Comfortable
These are luxurious looks you can feel at home with. Cook, clean, raise children, spill, splash, live in your kitchen, without a moment's worry. Highly resistant to wear and impact, WilsonartHD countertops are also nonporous - there's no need for sealing and re-sealing as with other, more costly materials.

WilsonartHD features subtle variations in matte and gloss finish that make visual connections to nature’s own stone and mineral surfaces, whether rough and weathered, or smooth and polished.

Choose from seven design series: Bella, new Crystalline, Deepstar, new Gemstone, new Metallic, new Passage and Sedona

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